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Management & Marketing no. 2/2013

Investigating the factors affecting youth brand choice for mobile phones purchase – a study of private universities students of Peshawar
Abstract. Youths, today, are highly technology oriented and an active segment of society in the usage of digital technology and transforming of applications. There can be seen an increased use of mobile phones among young consumers world wide. Because of their fast adoption curve and orientation towards technology and innovative feature, this age group has become an area of significant interest to the marketers. This study intends to determine all those factors which affect the youth’s brand choice for purchase of mobile phones. The data of the study was collected from the private university students of City University and Sarhad University, Peshawar. The study uses a self administered questionnaire, which was distributed randomly among 110 students, to measure their brand choice criteria. The responses were measured by using descriptive statistics, regression and coefficient analysis. The findings of the study show that Quality, brand image and recommendations by family and friends are the key variables that influence the brand choice of youths for mobile handset purchase in Peshawar Pakistan.
Keyword: brand choice, youths, mobile phones, brand image, price and features.
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